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TKL GROUP-ZHEJIANG BAITUO IMPORT&EXPORT CO.,LTD is a joint venture company, which is specialized in producing auto parts for semi-trailer and heavy truck. The auto parts are usually made for more than twenty carmakers, especially for DFAC、 JAC、CIMC. Also, the auto parts are exported to many countries and areas in Southeast Asia、The Middle East and South Africa. We have built a world-wide sale-network.

TKL which has more than twenty years experience in making auto parts, has advanced science and technology and various monitor equipment. TKL was authorized ISO9001:2000 and TS16949, which make the management step into a new lever and guarantee the quality of products.TKL has the right to import &export, and is getting more and more close to internationalization, industrialization and comprehensive trading company.

TKL has believe that“Credit always goes first、pursuit of perfect”. According to this belief. TKLERS will provide customs more high quality products and better service. We welcome the friends from all the areas to visit us and cooperate mutually beneficially.

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